Posted 18th November 2017
Table of Contents1 PouchDB/CouchDB2 Enter RemoteStorage.js3 What is it?4 Google Drive & Dropbox integration5 How it works (basically)6 Current issues/complaints7 Conclusion I am currently working on a piece of offline-first cross-platform survey software. The project uses the Ionic 3 framework with Cordova and Electron to enable completely cross-platform availability. Creating an offline-first application can be […]
Thoughts on TypeScript Development
Posted 15th October 2017
A brief overview of my experience using TypeScript in development for the last year.
Design Patterns: UML Class Diagrams (Part 1)
Posted 13th June 2017
Introduction to the basics of UML class diagrams. We will cover writing a class, attributes, member functions and whether they are public, protected or private, as well as show a few basic examples.
Design Patterns: Introduction
Posted 12th June 2017
Design patterns are difficult; I want to try make them easier to understand, and show you what you actually need to know about them (especially to pass) vs. the daunting amount of information you are presented with.

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